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Poor Mick!!!

Okay, I'm in evil little pissed-off fan-girl mode right now! Granted, my reaction to this is just a bit more vehement than it should be for being someone who has never met the dude. Nevertheless, I cannot believe that once Mick has started recovering from his illness that someone would actually be so heartless as to do this to him!


Motley Crue guitarist sued for $10 million
Wednesday, February 9, 2005 Posted: 5:59 PM EST (2259 GMT)

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars is being sued for $10 million in palimony by a former girlfriend who has accused him of reneging on a promise to take care of her for life.

According to the lawsuit filed in a Los Angeles court on Tuesday, the woman, Robbie Mantooth, said she met Mars in 1990 and the two became lovers. She said she gave up her career as a documentary filmmaker and moved into the heavy metal guitarist's Malibu home with him.

She said Mars promised her repeatedly that he would always provide for her financially and that the couple had agreed to divide all their property if they split up.

Their relationship ended in December 2004 and Mantooth said Mars denied there was any oral agreement between them and had given her no financial support.

Mantooth is asking a judge to award her half of the rocker's property as well as monthly support and damages.

A representative for Mars could not be reached for comment.
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