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I stumbled upon this community and HAD to join as I ADORE Mick!! I was actually very shocked to see there was a community especially for him. It seems all the attention is focused on Nikki or Vince or Tommy (though I love Nikki too) So it's great to see a place especially for Mick. :) Him and Nikki are my favorites. LOL.

I actually wasn't really into Motley until I read the Dirt and that's when I fell for Mick and Nikki. I mean I'd always liked some Crue songs but was never like a huge fan or anything. I read the Dirt in a week (which is really fast for me LOL) and now here I am. lol.

Mick is just the sweetest, funniest, most intelligent member of Motley Crue (though I do think Tommy seems to have a heart of gold too, he seemed really sweet in the Dirt) and the most talented of course! He's just too cute. :)

Anyway sorry for the ramble, it's just nice to be around fellow fans who I can gush to. :)
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